Nadi Reader


Q : What is the first step in Nadi Astrology?

A : We take the impression of the right thumb for males and the left thumb for females. There is no need to disclose your name, place or horoscope. If it is not possible to come in person, we can find the exact leaf pertaining to the individual based on a questionnaire.

Q : How do you proceed further with the thumb impression?

A : Lines on the thumb are classified into 1008 types. Palm leaves are arranged according to these types. We identify the particular type of lines on the thumb and the corresponding set of palm leaves are taken. For example, a particular type is called conch shell with a circle. Among this, there are many sub-divisions based on the number of dots on the thumb. Impressions with 5 or more dots are very rare.

Q : What is the significance of Nadi Astrology?

A : There are twelve chapters (parts). The first chapter contains the natives name, parent's names, present details of profession, brothers, sisters, children, spouse and a gist of future predictions for all the twelve bhavas. There is also a poetic description of the planetary positions in the natives horoscope. The other chapters deal elaborately every aspect of your life. For example, the fifth chapter deals with children, their birth, death, reasons for not having children, adoption, future- -life of the children, remedial measures etc. The 7th chapter indicates the time of marriage, name, ascendant and the planetary positions of the horoscope of the spouse and life after marriage. Chapters 2 to 12 will give the future predictions upto the end of the life from the date of perusal of that chapter. There are four more chapters. Chapters 13 and 14 deal with the previous birth and the sins committed therein. Remedial measures are also given for getting rid of the effect of the sins of the past birth. Chapter15 prescribes the medicines and methods of consumption for chronic diseases. The 16th chapter gives predictions for the current dasa and bhukti periods in detail. In addition to these, there is also a special 'Prasna' chapter where any query is answered. All these were written hundreds of years ago by our Maharishis.

Q : Could you share some of your experiences with us?

A : I would like to tell the people that we are only 'Nadi Readers'. What is written on the leaves is read and explained by us. We ourselves donot add anything. Some clients get irritated when some of the facts are unpleasant. We cannot help it. With utmost patience, we clear their doubts. Common people and VIPs from all walks of life have consulted us. We show them the particular leaf where the predictions for the native is given. Some of our customers are able to read the leaves on their own. Some even buy their leaves for preservation.

Q : Also there is a opinion that the remedial measures are suggested only by you and that they are money-making gimmicks?

A : No. This is not true at all. We only read the remedial measures given in the particular chapter. Generally remedial measures are like visiting particular temples, feeding the poor etc. There is no compulsion to do them. Corresponding to the sins, the remedial measures are suggested in the leaves. The clients can themselves verify them in their leaves. In some cases, while reading the 13th chapter, there is a suggestion of giving alms to the Nadi reader for preserving the leaves. He helps the native to amend his sins by Informing the native of his poorva-karma. But these are only optional.

Q : Do these remedial measures really reduce the troubles?

A : Yes. I have seen many people getting benefitted by this. We get the feed-back from the clients. Pleased with our service, they bring their friends and other relatives for Nadi-reading.

Q : Will your children take up the same profession?

A : Yes. Our children are also interested in this profession and they are learning the old script and other languages. With the blessings of our ancestors, we will continue for generations.

Q : Thumb impressions are unique scientifically and are used for legal purposes. What is the difference between your classification and theirs?

A : For legal purposes, the whole thumb is studied minutely. But we concentrate only on the centre part of the thumb and the sub-divisions therein. This is a humble attempt to clear some of the doubts and mysteries surrounding Nadi Astrology and to bring out the authenticity of the ancient art.