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Homam is a very powerful tool for spiritual progress. Chanting mantras in front of fire while offering material substances into fire has a great cleansing and calming influence on one's mind and gives great level of mental focus, peace, calmness and bliss. This practice has been extolled in many scriptures such as Yajurveda and Bhagavad Gita. Vedic seers practiced it regularly. Several people are experiencing the benefits of homam even today.The proof of the pudding is in one's mental state.

Success, happiness, achievements, fame, wealth and pleasures that you seek or enjoy in your life are the result of your deeds or actions. However, the nature of life is such that though you may have complete control over your actions, you cannot have control over the results. Various outer forces and factors influence and determine the results of your actions. This is a day-to-day fact in the life of each and every one of us.

Types of Homams

  • Ganapathi Hommam - For the welfatre of the family
  • Ayush Hommam - For long life
  • Poonul Hommam _ Upannayanam , Gayathiri Mantra Upadesam
  • Thirumana Hommam - For marriage
  • Vasigara Hommam - To lead a happy family life
  • SanthanaGopala Hommam - Birth of Children.
  • Navagraha Hommam - To come out of the problems caused by the planets.
  • Vidya Hommam - For Education, Money and Courage
  • Sudharassana Hommam - To lead a successful life.
  • Jyadhi Hommam - To find victory in our life.
  • Mirthuyunjaya Hommam - To lead a long life
  • Dhanakarshana Hommam - To lead a luxurious life
  • Poo Neela Homamm - To get rid of evil things in land or new houses.
  • VarunaJapam Hommam - For water
  • GrahaPravesa Homam - Pooja performed in newly constructed house.
  • Sri SukthaHommam - To come out of evil things and to lead a luxurious life.
  • Sri VishuSuktha Hommam - To get prosperity in life.
  • Vishnu Sahasranama Hommam All our needs will get fulfilled.
  • Pushkara Yagam - To lead a happy life in this world.
  • Vazhipattu Hommam - To lead a luxurious life
  • Abisheka Hommam - To get the grace of god.
  • Kumbabisheka Hommam -To get Goodness in life
  • Geetha HommamTo come out of confusions
  • Deepa Velvi - To come out of Darkness
  • Viraja Hommam - To come out of sins