Nadi Reader

Types Of Nadi

There are two different classes of Nadis:

(1). Mantra Nadis

(2). Tantra Nadis

While the latter class of Granthas (Tantra Nadis) is essentially based on age-old well-known Astrological principles - and hence merits the attention of Astrology lovers, the former class of Granthas (Mantra Nadis) is basically "dangerous".

Mantra Nadis are based on acquiring control over some "uchchista" or 'kshudra' (mean or profane) deities by using the Mantras. From these Nadis, the querent obtains very accurate reading of all the major events and happenings of the past, but most of the (or even all the) predictions about the future that are given normally prove to be false when the predicted time of fructification actually arrives.

There are Three Types of Nadies:

  • (I) Jeeva Nadi: Jeeva Nadi is vibrant and live Nadi predictions, where in the Maharishi reacts to the needs or problems of a person, as if he himself is present before the seeker. He is reacting to the situation of the happenings on the spot. Thus, it is a very special and precise method.
  • (II) Graha Nadi: With the evidence of 9 planetary position and Nadiamsa based on this and discusses the natives life events at a stretch among such as Nadi called as graha Nadi.
  • (III) Palm leaf reading (Nadi Astrology Predictions): The great sages of India had the power to look into the past & future of the entire universe and recorded the life of each human being